Complaint stipulations

Our restaurac hashad a tradition since 2005 and wettherefore care about the satisfactionof  our customers.Despite our every effort at maximum quality and punctuality when delivering, you may not be satisfied with the food or the time of delivery.

  • In case we forget something in your order, we will bring you the item again at your own expense or as part of the next order and we will bring a little attention to it.
  • If the quality of the food does not match (burnt, cold, etc.) , we will bring you new food and we will bring a little attention to it.
  • In case we are late with the delivery of food, you will get a significant discount from us for the next delivery.

ThisComplaints Code shall take effect on 25 April 2006. 3. 2020.

In Prague, 25 April 2005, the Commission decided not to initiate the procedure laid 3. 2020.